Municipal Economic Yearbook

  • - Population behavior
    Population per sex and age
  • - Population Phenomenon
    Birth rate, morbidity and mortality Civil Registry
  • - Migration Phenomenon
  • - Education infrastructure
  • - Family Comprehensive Development, Municipal DIF
  • - Health services
    Ministry of Health ISSSTE IMSS Private medical institutions
  • - Attention to people with disability
  • - Department of Protection of Human Rights of Queretaro
  • - Institute to Prevent At-Risk Behavior
  • - Instituto Municipal de las Mujeres de Queretaro
  • - Family Municipal Institute
  • - Education Incentive Programs
    Scholarships for Everybody Education Infrastructure Structure
  • - Culture, sports and recreation
    Culture Sports and recreation
  • - Social Programs
    Jalando Parejo Program
  • - Municipal public security
    Reliable police program Previene Program Alerta Program
  • - Civil Protection
    CMPC Special Projects and Trainings CMPC Inspection and Logistics CMPC Emergency Assistance
  • - Physical description
    Localization and territorial division Climate Orography Edaphology Hydrography Biodiversity Vegetation Flora Fauna
  • - Environmental Management
    Ecological Regulation Protected Natural Areas Queretaro Trust for Environment Preservation Forestry Activities Environmental Education Animal Control Unit Environmental Audit Environmental Infrastructure
  • - Housing and Urban Development
    Urban planning and infrastructure Municipal Planning Institution Housing Delegation Partial Plans of Urban Development Housing financing
  • - Municipal Public Services
    Cleaning and maintenance Public lighting and green areas Municipal markets Municipal slaughterhousel
  • - Mobility through the City
City with
  • - Competitiveness
    Economic Indicators Central Corridor Industrial Parks
  • - Research centers
  • - Regulatory Improvement for the Industry
  • - Work environment and employment pool
  • - Agricultural and livestock production
  • - Agriculture and livestock programs
  • - Municipal Slaughterhouse
  • - Home trade
    Municipal Operating Licensel Commercial Infrastructure Business Establishments Indicators Business Quick Opening System (SARE)
  • - Foreign Trade
    Trade Balance Foreign Direct Investment (IED) ProMéxico Internal Customs
  • - Tourism
    Tourist infrastructure Gastronomy Business meetings tourism Historic Center Festivities Bicentennial Park
  • - Communications and Transportation
    Highway infrastructure Queretaro’s Intercontinental Airport Bus station Postal and telegraphic service Means of communication Queretaro Digital City Public transportation
  • - Financial services
    Commercial bank Savings and Popular Credit Entities
  • - New Public Administration
    Quality government Performance Evaluation System SINDES Program Citizen Observatory Municipal Financial Reporting System Unit of Transparency and Access to Public Information
  • - Municipal structure
    Human Resources
  • - Public Funds
  • - Municipal Court of Administrative Responsibilities
  • - City Council